Technologies to create comfort are becoming more widespread. Those interior elements, which were once considered luxury goods, in modern conditions of developed technologies become available to a wide range of consumers. The last two decades have become a time of mass distribution of carpet coverings.

In order to diversify production, taking into account the constantly growing needs of the market and expanding the range of products, UZ-HANWOO JV has mastered and started the production of a material known throughout the world as KOVROLIN (carpet tiles) with a hydro-noise-vibration insulation base based on EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) with fiberglass. Duplication of the base is made on the South Korean extrusion line. Products are offered in 2 versions: in rolls of 15 meters and a width of 1 meter, as well as in square shapes (50 × 50 cm).

Carpet - this is probably one of the best flooring, allowing to achieve comfort in the room. Its inherent advantage is comfort. Remember how hard it is to walk on wooden laminate or parquet.

However, as soon as you walk the carpet, you will immediately understand all the advantages of this material.


The fact is that when walking on the carpet, the load on the back and joints is reduced, and the state of health improves. This coating ensures complete safety. It is almost impossible to slip on the carpet, as it can be easily done on a laminate or the same parquet.


Our products are manufactured under the brand name “UZ-HANWOO TILED CARPET”

-is a collection of tufted carpet tiles on an ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) basis.

-is high quality and comfort.

-is a high-quality installation by specialized craftsmen.

- using professional tools of western production:

-ORCON and others.)