The products are square plates (40x 40 cm) with a volumetric convex or depressed pattern. They are used to decorate walls, ceilings and podiums, giving any room the refinement and refinement of this work of art!


Modern leather 3D panels are made of artificial leather and polyurethane. It is an inexpensive, environmentally friendly, absolutely harmless, non-combustible and waterproof materials with excellent appearance, imitating natural leather, soft and pleasant to the touch. 


Advantages of soft 3D panels:

• Excellent sound insulation properties, the panels reduce the level of external noise.
• High thermal insulation properties of the panels retain heat or coolness in the rooms.
• A variety of upholstery materials.
• Large selection of colors, the ability to use design
• Injury safe.
• High refractoriness and water resistance.
• Hygienic and hypoallergenic, easy to clean, ideal for children's rooms.
• Ability to install on walls with irregularities, panels hide defects in the premises

Application areas of soft 3D panels:

• Children's rooms, halls, hallways, bedrooms and headboards of beds in apartments or houses of private customers.
• Interiors of rooms and rooms in hotels, cafes, restaurants, night clubs and entertainment clubs.
• The premises of offices, corridors and halls in business centers.
• Interiors of state institutions, administrative and educational institutions.
• The walls of the premises of sports clubs, sections and gyms.
• Interiors of schools, kindergartens, classrooms, emergency clinics and hospitals, cinemas.

Soft 3D panels are suitable for both the design of the entire wall, and its individual fragments. With their help, even the most ordinary interior will become bright, stylish and attractive!